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Fusion Skills

The 21st Century is characterised by a fusion of industries, cultures and identities. Fusion Skills are the competencies and characteristics which individuals need to flourish in the 21st Century Fusion environment. Our list of 12 Fusion Skills is based on research with schools, businesses and cultural venues and they apply as much to working adults as to school-age children. Find and filter opportunities by Fusion Skills to find learning experiences targeted at developing each skill.

Learn more about Fusion Skills below and in the About section of the website.

1. Oral Communication

Speaking and listening to transmit and understand information and ideas.

2. Collaboration

Working cooperatively with others towards achieving shared goals.

3. Initiative

Being resourceful and achieving without always being told what to do.

4. Problem Solving

Finding solutions to complex situations and challenges.

5. Organisational Skills

Managing time, energy and resources.

6. Adaptability & Flexibility

The willingness and ability to respond to changing circumstances.

7. Written Communication

Writing across all formats to clearly present ideas and information.

8. Independent Working

Self-managing actions and choices while also interacting with others.

9. Critical Thinking

Making reasoned judgments that are logical and well thought out.


10. Resilience

Using tactics to overcome setbacks and achieve goals.

11. Creativity

Being imaginative and generating new ideas.

12. Analysis & Evaluation

Investigating, synthesising and making judgements in an informed and systematic way.