Listings on Find Fusion allow registered users the opportunity to create individual learning opportunities or offers that they would like to share. They include either a link to where the opportunity can be accessed or the ability to download a document related to the opportunity.

Learning Journeys on Find Fusion are curated sets of Listings that together form a ‘journey’ through a theme. All registered users can curate Learning Journeys.

Learning Journeys can be published so that other visitors to Find Fusion can browse them, or saved as private so that only the registered user and anyone who the URL is shared with can access. This might be appropriate if you are creating a Learning Journey for use in a classroom or for a specific group of learners.

Some Listings will include contact details for that specific learning opportunity. If there are no contact details on the Listing, the profile page for the organisation may include a general email address or phone number. You can also click through to the organisation’s profile from a Learning Journey too. Unfortunately if a user or organisation hasn’t chosen to share contact details on Find Fusion we aren’t able to provide any other way to get in touch with them.

Yes, anyone can access content on Find Fusion and we encourage sharing direct links with pupils where appropriate. Under 18 year olds are not able to register for a user account (see this page for more information), however they can still view and click through on all published Listings and Learning Journeys on Find Fusion.

By registering for a Find Fusion user account you will be able to favourite, create and share Listings and Learning Journeys.

Yes, it is free to create a Find Fusion account.

Tags are used to help highlight additional key topics or areas for a Listing or Learning Journey which aren’t already covered by one of the pre-defined categories listed below.

Fusion Skills: Oral Communication / Collaboration / Initiative / Problem Solving / Organisational Skills / Adaptability & Flexibility / Written Communication / Independent Working / Critical Thinking / Resilience / Creativity / Evaluation and Analysis

Interest Areas: English and Literacy / Science and Maths / Art and Design / Performing Arts / IT and Digital Skills / Humanities / Languages / Sports and Physical Activity / Social Sciences / Citizenship and Civic Engagement / Business and Entrepreneurship / Media and Entertainment / Careers and Skills / Culture and Creativity / Higher Education / Family Learning / Health and Wellbeing / Professional Development / Leadership / Research and Evaluation / Environment

Learner Type: Early Years / Primary / Secondary / 16-19 / 19+ and Professional Development

Listing Type: Event / Training / Resource / Project

Fusion Skills are a set of twelve skills which are the competencies, characteristics and tools individuals need to flourish in the 21st Century Fusion environment. You can find more about these here.

You have the ability within your user account to favourite any Listing or Learning Journey. They are then saved in your My Hub page under Favourite Listings and Favourite Learning Journeys so you can easily find them.

Your My Hub is where you’ll find Listings and Learning Journeys that you’ve favourited as well as your own created Listings and curated Learning Journeys. You can choose whether to list your curated Learning Journeys publicly on Find Fusion or keep them unlisted in your account and share privately using the unique URL.

The website will generate recommended Listings and Learning Journeys based on areas you are interested in e.g. Art and Design or Learner Type e.g. Primary. You can change the areas that recommendations are based on in your ‘Account’ settings under the ‘My Hub’ menu. These recommendations will be shown on the homepage and on the bottom of Listings and Learning Journeys that you are browsing.

Yes, you can still use Find Fusion if you are under 18 years old and you will be able to find events, courses, projects and resources relevant to you, connecting and curating learning opportunities around themes such as learner type, skills, curriculum or interest areas. However, for data protection reasons, we are currently unable to offer you the ability to register for a user account. For more information please click here.

We would encourage all users to use their own photos but if you choose not to add a photo to your Listing or Learning Journey a photo from our collection of Find Fusion approved photos will be randomly selected e.g. photo of a cultural venue

Yes, when you click the favourite button on a Listing you will have the opportunity to add to a Learning Journey.

Registered user accounts can be created using a professional email address, and are linked to the individual who registers the account. During the sign up process, you are given the option to create a public facing organisation profile, link to an existing organisation’s profile (if a colleague has already created the profile), or just set a display name that will be shown if you don’t want to link to an organisation profile. User accounts are totally private and the only information in a user account that will be displayed publicly is your organisation name or display name if you publish a Listing or Learning Journey.

Organisation profiles can be linked to multiple user accounts, though only the user who first set up the profile has the ability to edit that profile. If your user account is linked to an organisation profile, this is what will be shown when you publish a Listing or Learning Journey to Find Fusion. If another user who is also linked to the same organisation publishes a Listing or Learning Journey, this will also be shown under the organisation profile, so multiple users can publish content for one organisation, however only the user that originally published the content will be able to edit that content.

You’ll need to get in touch with the Find Fusion team to switch the owner of the content to someone else in your team with a Find Fusion user account. You can contact the Find Fusion team here.