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A pan-livery organisation, united with one goal in mind – to make a difference to London and its precious pollinators.

Pollinating London Together (PLT) is a pan-livery initiative that is raising awareness of the importance of biodiversity and pollinators and their substantial recent decline. Based in London, the initiative is a collaboration between the City of London’s livery companies. It was founded in 2019 by the Worshipful Companies of Wax Chandlers and Gardeners, and now has a vibrant membership across the livery company community.

PLT’s activities are designed to address three specific objectives:

  • To redress the decline in pollinators in urban environments by promoting action to increase pollinator-friendly planting and habitats in the City of London and its immediate environs;
  • To raise awareness of the human benefits of pollinators and pollinator-friendly planting across the wider population of residents, workers, and organisations in the City of London;
  • To inform and encourage companies, organisations, and individuals to make meaningful decisions to make this happen.

Schools can get involved in events and contribute to the effort on their own campuses.