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    Secondary, 16 - 19, 19+ and Professional Development
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The Digital Skills: Web Analytics course allows you to learn about the roles of web analytics in business, the types of analytics and how to use different techniques. With this course, you’ll explore some of the fundamentals of this increasingly popular skill and learn how to apply it to your own online business.

You’ll begin by looking at the basics of web analysis, including the different types of analytics and what they’re used for, before exploring some key areas in more detail.

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to:

• Describe what analytics is
• Explain why analytics is important for business
• Identify the different types of analytics including descriptive, diagnostic and prescriptive
• Describe the various web analytics processes and metrics used to measure online success
• Describe the segmentation process and explain why it is a useful analytical technique
• Identify the challenges faced by businesses in getting the right data
• Describe what Google Analytics is and explain why it is a useful tool

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