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Organisations around the world leverage Palantir’s software for their most critical initiatives: from pandemic response to cancer research, supply chain operations and clean energy development. While these projects vary in scope and impact, they all begin with the same fundamental question: is the relevant data available? If so, what is the quality of this data, in terms of completeness, accuracy, and timeliness? How do we ensure our most important institutions don’t succumb to data entropy, with poor data informing poor decisions? What can institutions do to protect their most valuable asset, ensuring it continues to inform their trajectory into the future?

In this whitepaper, we will explore why a high bar of data quality is imperative for every institution. We will highlight strategies to track and monitor data quality and data integrity, and then address how organisations can promote user trust in data. Finally, as a longstanding technology partner of governments, we will share our learnings from the COVID-19 response efforts, among others, on why the tenets of accountability and transparency are particularly crucial in crisis situations.