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    16 - 19, 19+ and Professional Development
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Educators, Futurists and Storytellers have just returned from the year 2050 with incredibly important news.

You can’t afford to miss this experience, your future (and everyone else’s) depends on it.

If you are interested in the future you should experience The Futurist Educator. If you are interested in education then you should experience The Futurist Educator. If you are not interested in educating the next generation to shape the future then you should not experience The Futurist Educator and take the 1-hour time slot and rethink what you’re thinking.

Theatre of the Mind

The Futurist Educator is a theatre of the mind experience intended for you to use your imagination to think about possible, positive, productive futures, and then to inspire you to engage in making that happen. You’ll see and hear from VIPs including:

  • Futurist Ray Kurzweil (Singularity)
  • X-PRIZE founder Peter Diamondis
  • Ed Catmul, CEO of Pixar Animation/Disney Studios
  • Dr. Wesley Harris, MIT Aeronauticals
  • Rosamund Zander, author The Art of Possibilities

Joined by a cast of California-based “time travelers” from education, industry, non-profit sector, and government who share their visions of the future of education. Plus, as always The Futurist Educator includes student voices; dozens of students from around the world sharing their hope and determination to shape a positive, productive future for everyone.