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One Billion people that might miss out! How do we make sure all people have the fusion skills they need to flourish now and in the future? Where are you taking Fusion next?

Our Fusion 3 event picked up the challenge of ensuring that Fusion skills are accessible to all, highlighting practice and processes that will ensure that no one and no place misses out on Fusion.

Guided by hosts Beulah Kuku and Alistair Bullen, we explored what was needed to ensure that one billion people have the Fusion skills they need to live productive and fulfilling lives, flourishing in their learning and in their jobs. We looked at the disruptions facing society and why education and future skills development needs to urgently change.

At the event we heard from a range of speakers including:

  • Rt Hon. The Lord Mayor, Alderman William Russell
  • Sir Tim Smit, Executive Co-Chair of Eden Project International
  • Sir Steve McQueen, film director, screenwriter and artist
  • Anne Bamford, Strategic Education and Skills Director at the City of London Corporation
  • Andy Durman, Managing Director of EMSI UK
  • Martin Groom, Director at PWC leading People Centred Change group

Explore some of the presentations below and get inspired!


Presentation - Andy Durman EMSI Presentation - Martin Groom PwC

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