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    16 - 19, 19+ and Professional Development
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Skills Builder Launchpad is an online learning platform for individuals aged 14+ to build their own essential skills: listening, speaking, problem solving, creativity, staying positive, aiming high, leadership and teamwork. It is suitable for those in the later stages of education and those in or seeking employment.

The platform can support specific development needs or guide individuals through a choice of courses based on the essential skills. Each course contains interactive modules to build every step of the Skills Builder Universal Framework.

Each 10-15-minute module features a clear learning journey:

  1. Identify key concepts by reading, watching or listening to content taken directly from the Universal Framework guidance.
  2. Practise the skill step by completing interactive online or offline activities.
  3. Articulate understanding and application of the skill step through independent reflection, written reflection or discussion with a mentor.

Get started for free today at skillsbuilder.org/launchpad.