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    Tuesday mornings in November
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Noël Coward was a man of many talents. He was much loved and successful around the world as a playwright, songwriter, director and actor from the 1920s to 1950s. He was also a singer, painter, poet, novelist, filmmaker, TV and cabaret performer, and even a spy!

There are free places for 10 classes on drama workshops this autumn with the Artis Foundation, as supported through the Noël Coward Archive Trust by the Inspiring London Through Culture grants. Each class will get a tour or self-led visit around the Noël Coward: Art & Style exhibition and a 1-hour workshop with a professional dance artist from the Artis Foundation developing children’s confidence in performing arts skills inspired by Coward’s life and work.

This performing arts workshop, taking place within the beautiful Guildhall Art Gallery, will introduce children to the life and work of Noël Coward. Using creative movement and drama the children will immerse themselves in Coward’s theatrical world, developing their performing arts skills through exploration of emotion, everyday materials and fashion.

Focusing on Coward’s use of masks, the children will firstly explore facial expression, emotion and body language as means of expression. They will learn about Noël Coward’s own flamboyant, elegant and confident persona, touching on concepts of empathy and wellbeing. The second part of the workshop will take inspiration from objects within the exhibition, focusing on glass as a (stylish!) everyday material. The exhibition will come to life as children really do ‘step into’ Coward’s iconic world.

Please get in touch to book up to two classes per morning.